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Bus naar Australie, Indonesie per vliegtuig

Wim en Willie sturen hun groeten vanuit Maleisië, waar ze Wim z’n verjaardag gevierd hebben, en verder laten ze weten dat het definitief niet lukt om toestemming te krijgen met de bus Indonesie te bezoeken, dus dat worden opnieuw een aantal trajecten per vliegtuig terwijl de bus naar Australie wordt verscheept. Verder is op de homepage een extra fotocollage geplaatst van Andrys en Henny Stienstra voor Wim z’n verjaardag.Wim jarig

Dear all,

Over the past weeks and particularly over the past days we have worked hard on the officials in IMI (Indonesian Automobile Association), customs and shipping agencies to provide us with the temporary importation permit for the bus for Indonesia. In combination therewith we applied for the personal visa’s for Willie and myself. Yesterday we have had to decide to close this chapter as it has delayed us for three weeks!! Potentially, as the Indonesian officials are totally determined to keep all privately owned foreign vehicles out of the country; continuing and dragging on with the ‘application process’ began to threaten our holiday in Australia.

Not possible to get the temporary import/export papers for Indonesia for the bus

Where the Carnet de Passage is normally the recognized transit document, Indonesia does not acknowledge it, although it is listed in the countries who do accept it. Instead we and many others had to apply for access without forms, without regulation etc. for permission for the van to enter. Over the past weeks we were sent forward and backward between customs, shipping agents and IMI, just repeating the same questions in a variety of different ways. There is no perspective in getting this process completed successfully. Several shipping agents gave examples how they were forced to ship cars back to Malaysia upon arrival in a Indonesian port, as it was then said that papers were not in order! After this dreadful and delaying process we had to decide to ship the Bus from Malaysia directly to a port in Australia. The dates are not yet decided upon and depend of vessels and space on board.

Getting an Indonesia-visa for Willie and me, linked to travelling by van within the country

We were effectively refused visa, both as tourists as well as on basis of the invitation letters produced by our contacts in Indonesia! In the end it was said that we did not have the right papers to leave the country, for instance approved access papers for the van from East Timor, or ticket to somewhere else. Some of you mentioned already that getting such papers for East Timor could be equally difficult as getting them for Indonesia. That meant that Willie and I could not show tickets or approved access papers –except for Australia, which we have, for any country beyond Indonesia. Normally all of this is not an issue as this is covered by the carnet.  Getting us visas as tourists, without a vehicle, was said not to be a problem.

What next!?

Next week, we are going to prepare for shipment of the van to Australia. When this is all fixed and done we will fly to Jakarta, stay there for a number of days and meet with our friends in BIF, WitteveenBos and Tradin! It is not yet possible to provide you already with the dates. Thereafter we will fly to Flores and enjoy it there, the island we always wanted to go to!

Depending on the date of arrival of the car in Australia we will leave Flores, go to Australia and clear the car. Yes, we are very, very sorry but at this stage it looks like we will not travel via East Timor and we will miss out on meeting with all of you in East Timor who have been so intensively on our side, providing us with advice and invitation letters!

When dates etc. are certain we will let you know! Willie and I want to express how much we have appreciated your support, in different ways!! You have done so much to get us the letters and supported us in trying to get this sorted out!

Again: Thank you all very much!!

Wim en Willie

Zicht op verscheping naar indonesie, updates Laos

Wim en Willie zitten inmiddels enkele dagen op Pilau Penang; een eiland van Maleisië, en er komt zicht op vervoer naar Indonesië. Waarschijnlijk kunnen ze binnenkort op een boot naar Jakarta wanneer alle papierwerk zonder complicaties rond komt.06 ... aankomst in dorpje bij de Tham Ting Caves

Van voornamelijk Laos (Luang Prabang en omgeving), zijn er diverse fotoseries en filmpjes en een verslag. Het is duidelijk dat religie daar sterk aanwezig is, De waterval en motorrit series laten zien dat het landschap en de natuur ook heel betoverend kunnen zijn, en Willie slaagt erin om ook in haar kleding geen doorsnee toerist te zijn.106 ... even stilstaan,

fotoserie: Van Thailand naar Laos

fotoserie: Tempels in Luang Prabang

fotoserie: Bedel-processie in Luang Prabang

fotoseries: Laos; Kuang Si Falls, Handicraft market, Temple hopping

fotoserie: Laos, per motor naar de Pak Ou Grotten a.d. Mekong

Gerard Timmerman