Groet uit Mogocha

Dear all,

A tiny hidden town Mogocha (N 53.73669, E 119.75724 degrees), we found when it was getting dark and after we did some considerable driving today (about 700 kms) after leaving Chita this morning. I reckon you will be able to find it on google maps. Today, road, weather and traffic were okay.

No hotels here, but in the supermarket we heard of a lady renting out her incredible sovjet-style flat-1971, an experience! It is very cold here, at around 10 pm (we are 9 hrs ahead of NL) it was minus 31! Have been going around town with a taxi to find a warm park for the Bus, the diesel fuel we have is ‘guaranteed’ to minus 36! The Bus is now safely (!!) kept in the store of the local car breaker!! though surrounded by piles of scrapped car bodies and engines! I hope to sleep well to night!
Chita was equally cold as Ulan Ude, it was around 34 minus. The bus was outside last night in Chita, but started well, while quite a number of cars at the parking lot were towed away! An unexpected problem is to keep the door rubbers in place, although I ‘vasolined’ them well. They still freeze and break or get sloppy and do not fit anymore! Tomorrow morning I will have to tape some, when the bus is warm.

Tomorrow morning we will get out of our hiding and see how far we get (maybe Skovorodino), it was said that the road out of Mogocha further east is poor.

We will keep in touch!

Wim and Willie